Birmingham girls have a night in for Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month has been celebrated by Birmingham based organisation mOmhead, as they hosted a Girls Night In event.

The evening, on March 31, celebrated the month with the theme of ‘the forgotten women in history’, and was an opportunity for women to meet other women similar to them.

To spark conversation on the women in history seldom spoken about, a hanging gallery was displayed in Digbeth’s Impact Hub, made up with fact files on women such as Indian special agent Noor Inayat Khan and Mexican artist Frida Khalo.


Kiran, of mOmhead, said, “We wanted to bring these important figures in history to the forefront and celebrate how they had contributed to our world. As we work mainly with BAME [black, Asian, an minority ethnic] girls and young women, we felt it was important that this representation was at the forefront of the night.”

The evening was filled with women of all ages and backgrounds meeting one and other, discussing women’s issues, celebrating their and other women’s achievement, all the while enjoying virgin margaritas and tacos.

“We also laid out a giant roll of paper across a few tables and asked women “what does being a woman mean to you” and left sharpies and pens all around to allow them to create a mural of their thoughts,” Kiran said.

mOmhead’s Girls Nights In events have been running since September 2016, and Kiran said the idea came from a lack of places for girls to hang out, “We started Girls Night In because we were frustrated that we couldn’t find anything to do on a Friday night that wasn’t something that either breaks the bank or is the same old thing.”


Being a female-only event meant that Girls Night In became a comfortable environment for women to socialise and meet other, “There’s no chill out spots that are female only, like boys have their snooker halls and casinos (even though they’re mixed space, they can be very male dominated) where they just go and jam,” said Kiran. “So we aimed to achieve a space that young women felt safe, empowered. A central space where women come together and connect, communicate and create community all whilst having some good food and drink, listening to music and engaging in empowering activities.”


The Girls Night In events mOmhead run are just a small part of what they do, as they also work as a fashion company.

Kiran said, “We produce ethical clothing with the message of empowerment behind it, either in design or in how it’s made.”

Money from the clothes are then put into mOmhead’s second organisation GirlDreamer,

We run school programmes for teenage girls that is aimed at developing their present personal confidence to empower their futures. We will also be creating the UK’s first BAME Longboarding group to tackle issues surrounding body image, confidence and participation in sport as well as launching a YouTube channel that will do what our brand is all about: educate, elevate and empower but through digital means.”

The next Girls Night In event is on Friday 12th May at the Impact Hub, Birmingham, with ex-military and current photojournalist Alison Baskerville attending to run a self-defence class.


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