9 Feminist Myths Debunked

  1. Feminists hate men

The number one things many people get wrong about feminists is that we hate men. We hate men so much we made up a cause for it. We march about hating men. We make speeches about hating men. We wear t-shirts about hating men. How ironic, that a movement solely about women has been so misunderstood by fearful men, that they have universally spread that it is an attack on them. Feminism is just about women having equal rights as men and being free to do what they like.

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  1. Feminists think women are superior

Following on from clearing up the matter that we don’t hate men, lets now move to the point that we also don’t think we are better than them. We don’t. In fact, we don’t think any gender should put itself above another.


  1. Feminism is a cause to better women above men

I’m sensing a theme here. Once again, feminism is not fighting to better women above their counterparts, but is instead trying to expose them to the same opportunities as men. We want both men and women to have the chance to excel based on their personal merit, and not their gender.

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  1. Feminists hate women who are sexual

To be a feminists, you’re not allowed to wear a short skirt, or a low cut top. WRONG. It’s unacceptable to enjoy sex or attention from men if you’re a feminist. WRONG. Feminism has no opinion on the sexual activity and allure of women, and wants the rest of the world to stay out of it too.

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  1. Feminists hate girly women

If you’re a feminist you don’t have to reject gender norms. Sure, feminism argues that we shouldn’t be confined to be girly if we’re female, and manly if we’re male, but it also argues that it’s okay if that is something we are comfortable with if it naturally fits our character. We just want to have the option of choice.

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  1. Feminists are bra burners

This used to be the typical image associated with feminism. An angry mob of women rejecting society and the bras its made them wear. While I have to admit, bras can in fact be terribly uncomfortable and sometimes we all want to whip them off in public and set fire to them, that is not what feminism as a whole is about. These were the measures taken by protestors in the 1960s as part of the Miss America protest, and has generally died out along with anything tie-dye and psyhcedelic.

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  1. Feminism is a girls-only club

Feminism isn’t just a woman’s fight to fight. Men are invited to the feminist fairground as well. We need help from everyone in society, not just other women in order to achieve equality, and we want to help men as well. As Emma Watson said in her UN HeForShe speech, “I want men to take up this mantle [of freedom]. So their daughters, sisters and mothers can be free from prejudice but also so that their sons have permission to be vulnerable and human too—reclaim those parts of themselves they abandoned and in doing so be a more true and complete version of themselves.”


  1. Feminists don’t fight for other genders too

Feminism certainly recognises the plights men face as well; the pressures of masculinity; domestic abuse against males; and male rape victims. We want to fight for you too. As I said, feminism wants equality between genders. We also recognise some people don’t fit into the gender of female and male, but they still deserve equality, and feminism wants to help them in their fight to achieve it also.

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  1. There is one size fits all rule for feminism

Feminism is like the sea. Wide, vast, and sometimes difficult to navitage. There are so many different routes to take, for example, radical feminists are at the more extreme end of the spectrum and want to completely reform society to abolish patriarchy, whereas liberal feminists want more legal reforms for women, while marxist feminists feel female inequality is a product of capitalism. However, it all boils down to wanting more equality for the sexes for a fairer society.


Hopefully these 9 myth debunkers have helped you understand feminism a bit more, or have reaffirmed what you already thought about it. Let us know if there’s anything you think we missed out.


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