Fabulous Feminist Fashion: Our Picks


From Dior to Topshop, fashion has turned feminist AF.

Spring runways were dominated by political statements, from graphic t-shirts proclaiming ‘The Future is Female’ (Prabal Gurung) and ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ (Dior), to pink pins the Council of Fashion Designers of America handed out in support of Planned Parenthood to those at New York Fashion Week.

Once a topic used against us, as others mistakenly use our clothes as excuses implying we are “asking for it”, fashion brands are helping us send a message loud and clear about our femininity.

Here at the Feminist Fairground, we have picked out some affordable fabulous feminist fashion brands you can wear with pride to spread the word of female empowerment.


O-Mighty have taken Instagram by storm, with their slogan tees and dresses sending out an unapologetic message on femininity.

O-Mighty boasts a booming celeb following, with fashionists and proud feminists like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Zendaya, Zoe Kravitz, Cara Delevine and Willow Smith donning the sassy items.


High street ruler Topshop has always been responsible for making many girls feel the coolest ever in their trendy outfits, and the shop is now making feminism look just as cool with its statement clothes and accessories.

Wear these and you’ll show the world that you’re a feminist and proud.


The edgy magazine Nylon’s online shop is filled with slogan tees and sweaters, making statements about equality, being an unapologetic female, and standing in solidarity against Donald Trump’s misogynistic “Nasty Woman” comment.

Nylon also supports other brands such as Killbrand, Flavnt and Valfre who sell their own feminist statement tops.

A Mighty Girl

AMightyGirl.com was set up as a place to find books, music and films for parents wanting to raise strong, empowered girls, and has since expanded to selling clothes for babies to adults in keeping with their strong, courageous theme.

The clothes are fun, retro, and inspired by pop culture, making them a easy way to slide a bit of feminism into conversation with everyone who appreciates a good Star Wars or superhero reference.

With these items, you can wear proudly upon your chest, (or feet, or head, or round your neck) that you are a feminist and proud, encouraging others to do the same as you use fashion to spread the message of the movement.

They may just be clothes, and a small step in our journey for equality, but it’s our way of showing the world that we will never let the feminist conversation die.



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