Male Feminists: The Rise of Feminism’s Surprising Ally

Think feminism is just a woman’s issue?

Think again.

Here at Feminist Fairground, we are strong believers that feminism is not just a girls only club – men are invited too.

We believe feminism needs the help of men, and in turn we want to help them too.

Male feminists are coming out, loud and proud joining our quest for equality, showing the world feminism is no longer to be thought of as the angry woman brigade.

Anthony, 21 from Derby, said, “I previously thought that feminism was merely women spouting nonsense about how women were superior to men, but after reading around the subject I discovered there was more to it. Feminism to me recognises the issue of inequality for both men and women.”

Paul, 63 from Reddich, calls himself a feminist because he wants males and females to be equal, “I believe women should be treated the same as men in all areas of life. Seeing the way women are often disregarded, treated as second class citizens and denied certain rights, made me realise I didn’t subscribe to the views of the majority of men. It made me realise I sympathised with feminists.”

Some men on social media have hit out against feminism, forming their own satirical men’s movement ‘meninism’, mocking feminism and arguing men too are objectified and discriminated against.

Although this is a valid point, meninists have used hating on women and making sandwich jokes to argue their point.

Anthony says there is a clear difference between ‘meninists’ and male feminists: “’Meninists’ are clearly uneducated about the beliefs of most feminists and if they did more research they would realise the stupidity of their actions on social media.”

“The hatred and taboo feminism still faces in the 21st century is appalling,” Paul said with a sigh, but the help of men joining our movement, the word of feminism can be transformed to something taken seriously by all men.

Feminism is argued to be in its fourth wave now, with the issues it is concerned about being no longer just women’s issues, but men’s too. Feminism is taking into account paternity rights, male victims of abuse, and the stereotypes of masculinity.

For people like Anthony, this is why feminism is needed. “There is still plenty of discrimination in society, for example, men are looked down upon for doing jobs that are usually associated with women such as cooking and cleaning.”

Feminism wishes to remove the discrimination for either gender entering the job they want to, whether it be women in STEM jobs or males in childcare jobs.

Anthony says, “I admire the views of feminists who suggest that women and men should have the same rights and freedoms as each other.”

“The determination of women to keep fighting for the right to equality is something all men should be inspired by,” according to Paul.

If you’re a men and you believe in the equality between both genders, we at Feminist Fairground declare you a male feminist, something you too should call yourself with pride.

Being a male feminist doesn’t mean you have to shout it from the rooftops or tattoo ‘FEMINIST’ on your forehead, try joining a women’s rights protest, voicing your opinion on gender discrimination in your classroom or workplace, or supporting your local domestic violence charities.

Read here to find about the feminist social media accounts you can follow to help learn more about what you can do.


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