Twitter reacts to Kim Kardashian’s Unedited Bikini Pics

The debate of “she’s to fat” vs “she’s too thin” is a tale as old as time itself, but beauty standards for women have now started to stretch past this.

Kim Kardashian is the prime example of “she’s too plastic looking” vs “her natural body is disgusting”.

The reality star has been rumoured to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance her derriere, leading to her being known as having the most famous bottom on the planet.

Men and women across the world have celebrated the 31 year old’s body, but recently began to condemn her for ‘taking it too far’ with her apparently overly unnatural behind.

No stranger to a bikini shoot, Kim took to the beach on her recent holiday in Mexico and was inevitably photographed by onlooking paparazzi.

Unairbrushed photos of Kim’s body soon hit social media, showing her completely natural cellulite, which the internet attacked her for.

So to reiterate this, people were unhappy with how enhanced and ‘perfect’ and often photoshopped Kim Kardashian’s body is, so when they were shown unedited images of her body looking more human they were… still unhappy?

After the body shaming that ensued, others on Twitter then saw the irony and downright cruelty of tweeting about a woman’s body in such way, fighting against the hypocrisy.

Kim, on the other hand, kept her cool and remained unbothered by the hate.

However, instances such as this speak louder messages for the rest of the women in society who see others dragging women for how they look – whether it be natural or unnatural – and this can’t leave us with positive ways of viewing ourselves, and it teaches society that women’s bodies are up for discussion by the whole world.


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