Meet the 19 Year Old Standing Up Against Body Hair Expectations

With the great power of being a woman comes great responsibility.

We can give the gift of life, make for loving friends and… you can always count on us for having brilliantly smooth hair free bodies?

The debate on the differing beauty standards for men and women has been argued for decades, but it is still generally expected that women get rid of every strand of hair on their bodies as soon as they push through their skin.

Katherine Wall, 19, from Penkridge decided to take a stand against society’s expected body hair standards by letting proudly hers grow free for all to see.


“I started fighting against body standards when i was 15 years old as shaving irritated my skin and i didn’t even want to think about waxing,” Katherine said. “I started not to shave my leg hair at 16 and then I’d only shave my under arms once every couple of months. Now I rarely do i , maybe only every 4-6 months.”

Katherine says removing body hair is just part of the ridiculous beauty standard society expects,”I think for a lot of women the expectations are unrealistic and quite brutally outrageous! The way society sees body hair on women is crazy. You can shave or not whether you chose to – it’s your decision, don’t feel pressured by society.”

katherine 3

Body hair is something we all know everyone gets, but the media has programmed society to thinking that this is something women should never let the light of day see.

“The TV ads out there start shaving or waxing with no hair there to begin with,” Katherine said. “Everyone knows what a razor does, but we’re still not allowed to see it!”

Because of our media blackout of body hair on women, people often have negative reactions to girls like Katherine.

“There are people that have said it’s ‘disgusting’ and other words like that,” revealed Katherine. “And then there’s the dirty looks. It’s just funny to me, since I don’t know the person so it doesn’t effect me.”

katherine 4

Katherine stresses that she isn’t trying to force her practice of not shaving on other women though, she just wants it to be an option for them, “I encourage other women to shave for their own reasons not because society says you should or because their partner wants them to!”

Women should feel free to do with their body what they please, and Katherine says you don’t have to grow your body hair yourself to join the fight against beauty standards, “We should urge the media to show more natural bodies, normalising the image of body hair, and we should celebrate the women who let their hair grow just as much as we celebrate the ‘smooth as a dolphin’ bodies.”

katherine 2

As for Katherine herself, “Growing out my body hair makes me feel empowered and confident!”

And that’s something everyone in society should aim for and be happy about.


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